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Lift System Technologies - Overview of Suspension Lift Systems

iLIFT® pneumatic actuator and technologies are superior (in performance) to alternatives

iLIFT® System

Cylinder and Piston

Air Bag

Cylinder and Piston

Enhanced cylinder and piston
actuator design. Monitors ground
clearance for automatic activation
Use cylinder and piston actuator
Typically positioned at top of the coil
spring to raise vehicle when activated
Use rubber air spring (bag) in place
of a metal coil spring
Inflating the air bag adjusts the
height of the vehicle
Use hydraulic hollow cylinder
and piston actuator positioned at
top or bottom of metal coil spring
Time to Deploy
~0.6-2s ~1-3s ~2-4s ~3-4s
iLIFT® system is integrated with
sensors and an ECU for intelligent,
programmable Automatic Operation
Controls Front and Rear based on
ground clearance
Some can maintain a predetermined
height. Does not monitor ground clearance
for automatic height adjustment
OEM Suitable?
OEM Users

Installed on a limited user base
of after-market users
for R&D purposes.
- Tesla
Characteristics vs
iLIFT® System

*Innovative features protect actuator
 from contaminants
*Allows use of superior seal designs
 with wiper elements
*Preserves use of full-length springs
*Higher suspension performance
*Reduced component sizes
*Uses smallest air tank
*Easily fitted to existing suspensions
 and vehicles
*ECU controlled, programmable
*Monitors vehicle's ground clearance
*Fully-Automatic activation
*Can use cruise control switches
 for manual operation
*Typically unprotected cylinder bores
 susceptible to damage from
*Poor wear characteristics
*Thicker actuators require use of
 shorter coil springs.
*Shorter springs degrade suspension
*Larger actuator designs are difficult
 to fit to suspensions
*Less efficient use of air requires
 larger air tanks
*NO ground-sensing automatic
 activation (Patented by Stealth)
*Can't use cruise control switches
 (Patented by Stealth)
*Eliminates coil springs
*Eliminates ability to tune via changing
 coil spring rates
*Inferior suspension performance
*Slower activation due to larger volumes
 of air required
*Requires larger air tanks
*Larger component sizes
*More difficult to fit in vehicles
*Decreased reliability
*Inconsistent wheel alignment
*Air leaks or system failures can render
 vehicle undrivable
*NO ground-sensing automatic activation
 (Patented by Stealth)
*Can't use cruise control switches
 (Patented by Stealth)
*Slow activation times
*May be too slow for real world
 driving situations
*Typically thick actuators require
 use of shorter springs
*Use of short springs may impair
 suspension performance
*Requires oil reservoir tank
*Potential for oil leaks

*NO ground-sensing automatic
 activation (Patented by Stealth)
*Can't use cruise control switches
 (Patented by Stealth)
iLIFT® Comparison

iLIFT® Intelligent Suspension Lift Systems deliver exceptional performance, are intelligent, are easily fitted to most standard suspension systems without affecting performance, and are engineered to last – just some of the features that make the iLIFT® System a superior product to all competing OEM and aftermarket lift systems.


  • The iLIFT® system is robust and can raise the front of a vehicle up to 3.5 inches (89mm) in less than 1 second.
    (Actual lift height and speed depend on the vehicle and its suspension.)
  •  Each iLIFT® cylinder assembly weighs less than 2 pounds and can lift over 1,500 pounds (total vehicle weight of over 6,000 pounds).


  • iLIFT® systems are controlled by a powerful and sophisticated Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
    The ECU monitors various parameters such as ground clearance, vehicle speed, and system air pressure, and has 25 customizable configurations.
  • The iLIFT® system is the only system in the world that features automated activation where a network of sensors constantly monitors ground clearance and can activate the system without any driver input. This is a patented feature.
  • The user can calibrate the desired distance for the automatic raising and lowering the vehicle. When the vehicle ground clearance becomes less than the minimum selected by the driver, the vehicle will automatically raise. After the obstacle has been passed, the vehicle will automatically lower.
  • The iLIFT® system will automatically lower the vehicle when the vehicle reaches a maximum speed determined by the driver (i.e. 20-25 mph).
  • The driver can also operate the iLIFT® system manually either using the existing vehicle’s cruise control buttons or a dedicated switch or remote control.
    The cruise control functionality allows the user to activate/deactivate the iLIFT® system using buttons which already exist and are easily accessible to the driver.
    This unique (and patented) feature keeps the driver’s eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. It also removes the need to install additional switches in the vehicle.

Suspension Components

  • The iLIFT® system is compact and designed to fit most coilover suspension systems.
  • The cylinder and piston assembly adds approximately ½ inch to the top of the spring and it can raise a vehicle 3.5 inches (depending on the vehicle's suspension).
  • The iLIFT® systems have been designed to use the existing coil springs that came with the coilovers in most installations. This preserves the suspension’s tuning and travel and can eliminate the need to use shorter suspension coil springs.
  • The iLIFT® actuators (cylinder and piston assembly) have innovative patented features which protect the cylinder from contaminates such as dust and dirt that could cause excessive wear on the seals and cylinder bore, increasing the useful life of the system and reducing the need for maintenance.
  • The iLIFT® system's patented actuator measures only 3.3 inches tall and 4.75 inch in diameter (84mm x 120mm). This assembly is hollow and fits on the top of the coil spring and has various technical elements which are superior to competing systems.
  • The iLIFT® system adds NO unsprung weight to the vehicle.
  • Complete installed iLIFT® system weighs as little as 15 pounds.
  • iLIFT® systems are highly efficient and compact.
  • The advanced design allows the iLIFT® system to use smaller components making the iLIFT® systems easier to mount in vehicles with limited available space.

Air System

  • The iLIFT® system utilizes a proprietary and patented air filtration system. This modular system filters contaminants and moisture molecules from the air system and prevents the buildup of condensation normally found in pneumatic systems. It protects the valves, seals and lubricants in the iLIFT® systems to assure long life and to eliminate routine maintenance.
  • The iLIFT® system uses proprietary seals that were developed exclusively for use in the iLIFT® systems. These seals offer better sealing and much longer life than other seals commonly used. The iLIFT® systems does not use any O-Rings in the actuators. O-Rings don't match the performance and longevity of iLIFT® system's proprietary seals.
  • The iLIFT® system uses air tanks that are specially manufactured in America to our high standards. Each of our air tanks is individually hydrostatically tested to over 1,000 psi to assure its strength and then double powder coated.
  • The iLIFT® system utilizes significantly smaller air tanks than competing system allowing for easier and more flexible installation and less worry about using up valuable trunk space. The iLIFT® system’s air tanks are ½, ¾, and 1 gallon versus competing systems which generally use air tanks of 2.5 – 5 gallons.

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