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Below are just a few real customer's feedback and testimonials after having the iLIFT® system installed on their cars.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy having the iLIFT on my car. It’s lightweight, smarter than me and protects my car. Definitely the best mod I’ve done to my vehicle so far!

Paul C. HI

The more I study the [iLIFT®] system, the more I realized it takes a different type of person (focus, driven AND detail) to develop something like this NOT for making money as their 1st goal but to find the best solution for the ongoing problem at hand. In this case, the [iLIFT®] products ended up being the best on the market.

Tim -CA (formerly a design engineer for a major auto manufacturer and worked at General Dynamics on the Tomahawk and MD-11 programs)

My NSX is very low to the ground. The front lip was always getting scratched or paint would chip off. I found that I needed a solution to help me drive over speed bumps also into and out of driveways. I researched over 5 different products out there, from air bags, aftermarket lift kits, and coil over systems. I wanted to purchase a product that would meet my expectations of lifting and lowering the NSX with components that would last as long as I owned the car. So I invested in purchasing the iLIFT. All of my expectations have been met and I could not be happier with the product performance, fitment, quality equipment components, equipment guarantee by Steven standing behind his product, and supreme excellence in customer service.

I am extremely satisfied with the iLift and what it has to offer over the current competitors. It is in a tier of its own and will outlast and outperform the competition. Whether you purchase any one of the 2 tier iLIFT options you will be happy that you have a reliable, dependable, and high quality product that will last. Hands down for the cost and features, you will get a superior custom made product.

Jeff -WA

I have on my [car] a system that is sold by another vendor, and when comparing the two, the difference in the level of execution is glaring. If I were to do it all over again, considering the value of each dollar spent, choosing [the] iLift system would be the easy choice.

The iLift has many (many) programmable functions and parameters that allow the user to personalize it to his or her own preferences; from system pressure adjustments to front/rear weight biases; from sensor sensitivity to system on/off thresholds. The amount of thought, not to mention time, that went into each use and function of the setup is difficult to fathom for what we normally perceive to be something that simply lifts a car up and drops it back down.

Really a Great product

Graeme -CA

My wife and I travel long distances every year and need my trunk space. The iLIFT system in my NSX doesn’t use up any trunk space. It is completely hidden from sight and looks like Mr. Honda did it himself.

After installing the iLIFT System in Buffalo, NY we traveled South to attend the NSXPO in North Carolina. In the first 1,050 miles the iLIFT system saved my car’s front lip 6 times.

Driving home, the iLIFT System saved my front lip 4 more times. The 4 were all done automatically with the sensors, including 1 in my driveway.

I’ve owned my NSX for 9 years and I have two lips. While one lip was being used on my car the other one was being refinished to repair damage from scraping at a cost of roughly $400 each time the lip was repaired. I wished I could have bought the iLIFT system for my car 9 years ago.

Now that I have the iLIFT system, I don’t need to worry about scraping the front lip and having to get it repaired. I can drive anywhere I want and my car automatically rises to avoid being scraped.

The materials used in the iLIFT systems are the best available. The electronic control unit (the intelligent brain), air filtration system, wires, connectors and sensors are exceptional.

Love the iLIFT System

Ron -NY

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