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iLIFT® - Intelligent Suspension Lift Systems

The iLIFT® system is the most advanced, robust lift system on the market, with the unique capability to operate automatically, without the need for a driver to press a button to raise their vehicle.

  • Eliminates vehicle damage from scraping on speed bumps, steep driveways, or other road obstacles.
  • Maintains the high performance of existing suspension systems.
  • Enhances passenger mobility by making it easier to enter and exit from low vehicles.

The iLIFT® system is an intelligent suspension lift system that is in a class of its own.

  • Intelligent: The only fully automatic suspension lift system of its kind.
    • The iLIFT® systems use a highly configurable and advanced, proprietary ECU with 25 configurable parameters and firmware, as well as a network of sensors enabling automatic activation.
    • The iLIFT® system monitors the vehicle’s ground clearance, speed and other parameters to intelligently raise and lower the vehicle as needed to avoid obstacles.
    • When the front of the vehicle needs additional ground clearance, the iLIFT® system quickly raises the front of the vehicle. When an object gets too close to the center of the vehicle, the iLIFT® system intelligently raises the front and rear of the vehicle to provide maximum clearance to the center of the vehicle. When obstacles have been passed, the iLIFT® system automatically lowers the car to its normal driving ride height.

  • Superior Performance: Can raise vehicles up to 3.5’’ in under 1 second (compared to competitors’ systems that can take 7 seconds or longer to activate).
    • Preserves the use of conventional suspension systems with hydraulic shock absorbers and coil springs.
    • Maintains the high performance of conventional suspension systems... unlike other lift systems.
    • Smoothly lifts vehicles weighing up to 6,000 pounds or more.

  • Advanced: The iLIFT® system was designed and optimized over the past 5 years. The iLIFT® system includes numerous proprietary and patented design and functional elements to make the system faster, safer, more durable, more compact, efficient and more user-friendly compared to existing lift systems.

  • Easy to use: May be activated manually with existing cruise-control buttons (a unique and patented feature), which is an easier, faster, and safer way to manually activate a lift system while driving.

  • High Quality: All the components of the iLIFT® system have been carefully engineered and extensively tested for longevity and performance. Many components are proprietary in their design and incorporate advanced materials such as aircraft grade aluminum and wear resistant coatings.

The iLIFT® system has been developed by Stealth Innovative Systems, LLC for licensing and commercialization by OEMs and other industry partners.

Advantages of iLIFT®

The iLIFT® system provides the freedom of everyday driving without needlessly/constantly worrying about potential damage from road hazards such as speed bumps, steep driveways and ramps, and other obstacles. The driver has the freedom to “drop” their car as low as desired for greater handling performance, better fuel economy and appearance. The iLIFT® system also enhances vehicle mobility and ease of access by providing a higher point of entry/exit, which is important for anyone with mobility constraints (such as individuals that use wheelchairs or scooters and individuals with back pain); this higher position will also allow easier entry for taller individuals and even women wearing high heels.

The automation features of the iLIFT® system eliminate the need to worry about adequate ground clearance or to remember to manually activate a lift system – the system activates quickly and automatically when it senses inadequate ground clearance.

The iLIFT® system utilizes a powerful Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to monitor and control the vehicle's ground clearance. The ECU monitors numerous parameters such as ground clearance, vehicle speed and air pressure. It controls the iLIFT® system to raise and lower the vehicle either automatically or upon the driver's command.

The iLIFT® ECU can integrate with the vehicle's existing electronic systems. For example, the vehicle's existing cruise control buttons can be used by the driver to manually raise and lower the iLIFT® system without interfering with the vehicle's existing cruise control functions. This means that the user does not need to take their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel to manually control the iLIFT® system.

Using the vehicle’s existing cruise control buttons (or optional switches) the driver can easily:

  • raise the front of the vehicle;
  • raise the front and rear of the vehicle (the iLIFT® system with Front + Rear option);
  • lower the vehicle;
  • set the maximum operating speed for the iLIFT® system;
  • calibrate the sensors for automatic operation (for the iLIFT® system Automatic option); and
  • select the mode of operation

The use of cruise control buttons eliminates the need to add a dedicated activation switch to the vehicle, but the ECU can also accept commands from a dedicated switch if cruise control buttons are not available.

The iLIFT® system was designed from the ground up to be far superior to anything previously available.

The Chief Designer of the iLIFT® system was a Formula race car driver and understands the importance of minimizing the size and weight of all components while maintaining wheel alignment for optimal vehicle performance. The iLIFT® system was originally conceived as a device for raising the height of race cars to facilitate loading them up steep ramps into trailers without scraping on the ramps. It quickly became apparent that there was a significant need for lift systems for low passenger cars to avoid hitting obstacles in their path.

The iLIFT® system was designed and engineered to be the best vehicle suspension lift systems available.
The objective was to create a truly revolutionary lift system that exceeded the existing standards for: intelligent operation, fast performance, compact size, [easy fitment/a high degree of compatibility with existing suspension systems], high reliability, superior quality and ease of use.

The components used in the iLIFT® system have gone through extensive evaluations and have been chosen or developed to provide the best quality, reliability and performance for our lift systems. When acceptable components were not available, specialized components were designed and engineered exclusively for use in the iLIFT® system.

The iLIFT® system is designed to fit into vehicles with limited space requirements. The components have been engineered to be compact yet robust, in order to accommodate a wide range of vehicles; the system is especially well suited for high-performance, sports cars which have limited free space and where excess weight impacts performance.

The iLIFT® system is designed to easily fit onto a wide range of vehicles with most brands of coilover suspensions. The iLIFT® actuators can be fitted to a wide range of shock absorbers/dampers.

The iLIFT® system is fast and powerful. It can raise the front of a car 3.5 inches (89mm) in less than 1 second (actual lift height and speed depends on vehicle and its suspension).
The iLIFT® system installed on the front and rear of vehicles can lift over 6,000 pounds.
The iLIFT® system does not alter the performance of existing coilover suspensions. The vehicle does NOT “ride on air” as with airbags.

The iLIFT® Intelligent Suspension Lift Systems are comprised of modular components with modular features and benefits such as:

  • The versatile iLIFT® Actuators that are added to the shock absorbers/dampers for raising the vehicle.
  • iLIFT® Patented use of sensors to monitor the vehicle's ground clearance for automatic system operation.
  • iLIFT® Patented use of cruise control buttons for manual system activation.
  • OEMs can easily integrate selected iLIFT® features to their vehicle's suspension systems to evaluate them to new levels of performance, automation, intelligent operation and ease of use.

The iLIFT® system components are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest levels of quality.

  • The iLIFT® components are custom designed and engineered to exceed industry standards to provide superior performance, higher efficiency, longer life, compact size, lower ongoing cost and higher reliability than previously possible
  • The iLIFT® system incorporates several unique and proprietary elements developed to significantly increase longevity of the iLIFT® system versus aftermarket peers
  • The iLIFT® system uses advanced materials such as aerospace grade aluminum to extend durability of the system

Contact info: info@iLiftSystems.com